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Nurtured Nails LLC
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Nurtured Nails LLC
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Why Should I Come To You?
When you have a service with me, you are getting someone who has trained 500 hours in nails only.  After successfully passing state boards, I have continued to learn about nails through additional classes with CND and have achieved their Grand Master Level which can only be obtained after completing all their classes.  I participate in internet groups both locally here in the U.S. and internationally for further learning.  I continue to update myself with the latest scientific view in nails via Doug Schoon’s teachings. I follow nail related VLOGS and numerous contributors to the nail world from all over the world.  I don’t “do hair!” I am a Licensed Manicurist - Not a cosmetologist.  My training is far more extensive, beyond what a cosmetologist encounters in their training for state boards.  
Do you do Acrylic Nails?
I sculpt enhancements (artificial nails) with CND Brisa Hard Gel which must be cured in a LED/UV lamp.  I also offer Young Nails SlickPour, an oderless, Acrylic Coat System, for nails that need to be extended.  While Slick Pour is a soak-off acrylic, Brisa is not and must be re-balanced and filled for maintenance.  Slick Pour requires a complete removal before another acrylic color is applied.  
Do You Take Walk-Ins?
Most of my time is already booked by clients who have scheduled an appointment ahead of time.  I would highly recommend you call to set up an appointment at least a week in advance of when you will need a service.  
Can I Get a Pedicure With A Friend?
With only one pedicure chair and just myself to provide this service, accommodations allow for only a one-on-one service experience.  This is your opportunity to come relax, pamper your feet and maintain their health with a personalized treatment just for you.
Can You Fix My Broken Nail or Give Me a Fill?
Nail products from another source must be completely removed before I can properly service you.  It is imperative that I see your natural nail and assess your nail plate condition before I can accurately address your specific needs. Your “broken nail” will need to be fixed by whomever applied your product. If you simply need a fill and opt for my services, a $10 removal fee will be added to your service.  Of course, complete removal only is also available at $20.
Can I Bring My Own Tools and Polish?
Here at my salon, I only use professional products obtained through suppliers that serve only Michigan State Licensed professionals. These are products that have developed reputations for quality and supply the industry with top notch products.  I also strictly adhere to state guidelines pertaining to acceptable sanitation practices. As I was a “customer” once, I feel very strongly about the cleanliness of my room and all of its contents and most importantly, the implements I use to perform my services.  
What Products Do You Use?
Choice abounds throughout my services. Not only do I have CND Brisa Hard Gel & Young Nails SlickPour for enhancements, I also have Akzents Soak-Off Gel to apply under a gel polish. With my gel polish services, you have a choice of 100+ CND Shellac colors and have also begun adding IBD just gel and Tammy Taylor Gelegence into the mix.  Both are exceptionally high in quality and must be cured in the LED/UV Lamp. Choices for regular polish, that air dries, includes CND Vinylux, CND Creative Play, IBD  and Young Nails Caption, giving you 200+ colors to choose from. My core pedicures are completed with CND products as well, providing you with three degrees of service and the highest quality products available. Special pedicures are serviced with 100% organic, and natural ingredients will vary from season to season.  
Do Your Products Damage Nails?
Absolutely not. It’s not the products that damage nails, its improper application and removal by an inappropriately trained service provider. Look for training certificates in your provider’s salon. As k ,about their specific training. Do they give you any instructions for home care? It is also important for you to follow “At Home” recommendations with your specific service. I am highly trained and very passionate about caring for your nails. I also need you to care for your nails between our visits.
How Can I Best Care For My Nails At Home?
Before your service ends, request the information you need to maintain your nails at home. Each service has different needs to extend the service time of your nails.  You will also want to pre-book your next appointment to maintain the health of your natural nails and increase the efficiency of your maintenance.  
Do You Have Services for Men?
Absolutely.  Men are welcome to any of the services I provide, and can benefit greatly from the maintenance.  Depending on the individual’s needs and preferences, options are available throughout my services.
Why Is Foot Care Important?
As we age and when you work on your feet, it is imperative to maintain the health of your feet. Problem toenails and cracked heels can really impact your life. If your feet are hindering your mobility, the quality of your life will be greatly affected. Plus, other health issues can also present that I can recognize and advise you if you should seek a physician’s opinion. While it is not in my professional scope to diagnose you, I am able to point you toward medical attention at a much lower cost than a podiatrist.  Ultimately, maintaining the health of your feet will benefit your overall health and quality of life. 
Do You Completely Remove or Cut Off Calluses?
Absolutely not. First, cutting living tissue is not permitted by Michigan State Law and everyone in the industry was notified by email January 2017!  Unlike a surgeon, licensed nail technician’s are not licensed to cut skin. Second, your feet have created calluses for a reason. That thick layer of skin is protecting underlying bones and tissues and complete removal of calluses will encourage your immune system to aggressively create more callus- to protect you of course! I am only allowed to smooth- not remove calluses!  
Why Don’t You Use Whirlpool Pedicure Chairs?
As wonderful as they are, I have an aversion to them for several reasons.  First, because I am intensely concerned with maintaining a clean basin for you to put your feet into, I find it easier to provide you with an experience where only you have placed your feet into the bowl. Second, sometimes people arrive for services and don’t even realize that they may have any issues with their feet that require medical attention. In fact, such a situation may not be apparent up front. Third, the time to clean a whirlpool basin can be a hindrance  with scheduling. It is necessary for the hospital grade disinfectant to remain in place for 10 minutes after application following the initial cleaning. Failure to follow proper cleaning protocol encourages the growth of biofilm, which allows for the transfer of microorganisms between clients.  That is why I will not take any risks with you!
Do You Remove or Cut Ingrown Toenails?
Again, as a licensed nail technician, it is not in my scope of training or permitted by the State of Michigan, to cut living tissue. The only thing I am allowed to do is angle out the corners of your nail to help relieve pressure on the toenail. I do not have a special file to go in under the side of your nails as that can only be done in a podiatrist’s office.  
Will You Service Me If I Have a Fungal Infection?
Nail services absolutely cannot be administered to nails that show signs of a fungal infection.  Discoloration including yellow and brown tones accompanied by thickening of the nail may indicate its presence.  By filing on these nails infectious organisms will be released into the air to settle on all clean equipment and implements.  To avoid transmission of such infection, I must decline service until a doctors release has been issued and provided to me.  While this may seem extreme, I hope you can appreciate that I am truly concerned for your health and maintaining a safe environment for all.
Can I Purchase Gift Certificates From You?
Absolutely! Receiving the gift of a relaxing or pampering experience is highly coveted! You may purchase gift certificates in the salon and even by phone. You can purchase a gift certificate for a specific service or in any dollar amount as you prefer. They will be honored for one year from the date of issue and must be remitted at time of service.  
Can I Bring My Child With Me To My Appointment?
Truthfully, it is not safe to bring a child with you to your appointment as I will be working with you for about an hour or two depending on the type of service you have scheduled. There are too many chemicals and products and unattended child can easily get into and cause harm to themselves.  It is a matter of safety and there is no other person here to watch your child while you are having a service. 
What Should I Do If I Have To Cancel My Appointment?
Please allot me a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. You can contact me in four ways.  You can call me at (989) 387-6441 and leave a message,  text me on that number,  message me through facebook or you can even email me at I only ask that you let me know as soon as possible so that if someone else has an interest with your appointment time, I can give it to them so that I don’t loose an opportunity. I know that life happens, but I will need to apply a Lost Service Fee of $30 if this happens more than two times and I continue to miss a chance to let someone else have the spot.  This will need to be paid in full before your next appointment.
What Forms of Payment Will You Take?
Payment is due at the time of service. Cash and debit card are greatly appreciated. I will also take local checks (not postdated), credit cards or gift certificates purchased from me. 

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