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Nurtured Nails LLC
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Nurtured Nails LLC
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(989) 387-6441

About Me

I came into this business late in life thinking how fun it would be to learn to create beautiful nails. As I had always admired others whose nails were gorgeous.  
What I learned was that because I had also been a past nail customer, many discrepancies prevail in this industry. A passion grew in me for educating my clients about products and services, not to mention compliance with state law. More importantly, it became obvious that clients needed a level of service that they didn’t realize existed.  
My top priority is taking care of you in the highest professional manner. This includes upholding the highest standards in sanitation. Michigan State Law has established its requirements and I am a “by the book” kind of girl, so I enforce compliance to keep both you and I safe! This also includes using only professional products, provided only to licensed professionals.  While these products are a higher expense, their quality surpasses products available in the drug stores.
Finally, by furthering my education in the industry, I am highly trained to protect the integrity of your nails.  As a Licensed Manicurist and CND Grand Master, I have the training and ability to protect your natural nails. My mission is to keep your nails as beautiful and the healthiest they can be, which is why we will have a consultation and assessment of your nails and lifestyle before I recommend any products for your service.  
My salon is only one room. It is only me providing service here. However, as the nail salon owner, I control the cleanliness practices, the product quality offered, and a level of care for your nail health you may not be accustomed to. 
I am here to offer you uncompromising, quality nail care!
Shari Campbell

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2897 S. M-18

​Beaverton, MY 48612

Licensed by State of Michigan, Certified CND Grand Master

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